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  +44 7791 034342
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Opening a restaurant is often a dream come true for so many new business owners. The idea of welcoming friends each night, cooking great food and creating a ‘night to remember’ is deeply satisfying.

However, for many people this romantic ideal never materialises.

With high overheads, low pay and long working hours, they are often fraught with worry as they watch their business bleed money everyday with no idea how to stop it. They feel isolated, and often, with very little support available.

I’ve seen this scenario play out with neighbouring businesses time and time again. 

It is not uncommon and if you are in this position, I need you to know – you are not alone and help is available!

As a Business Coach, I work with business owners who are determined to make their business work and create the life they dream of.

My career began in Germany where I undertook two vigorous apprenticeships in hospitality. Although tough at the time, the training provided a foundation of knowledge and skill, which has enabled me to successfully set up and run restaurants in both Germany and England.

When I was approached in 2015 to sell my thriving restaurant in the Wittering’s on the South Coast of England, I took the opportunity to give something back to the hospitality industry and train as a business coach. Although I could have set out on my own, I chose to join ActionCOACH because of their rich library of strategies and training resources that mirrors an apprenticeship in business.

I believe my role isn’t to be ‘Mr. Fix It’, but rather to help you transform your business, by working alongside you, so that once our time together has finished, you are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to run your business successfully.

My coaching comes in a variety of packages to suit your needs. If you’d like to speak to me about your business please feel free to book a complimentary coaching session with me today.

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